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Jordyn’s Story

The Cook family’s life changed on Halloween Day 2001, when Jordyn was just 3 years old.

Her mother, Xan Cook, picked up Jordyn and her twin brother Marshall from preschool and was told by their teacher that Jordyn had seemed especially tired that day. 

When Xan saw Jordyn, she was sitting in a chair, looking off in a trance. Jordyn’s only complaint, she said her eye hurt. Jordyn’s parents had no warning that their daughter had Epilepsy until she had a seizure later that day. Over the next few years Jordyn spent many nights in the hospital; sometimes just to alter the medication she was taking; she has been through 11 medications and currently takes 3; sometimes for sleep deprived Electroencephalograms. She has had two brain surgeries; one as a test to

Jordyn &
Dr. Elizabeth Thiele

 determine what part of her brain was causing the seizures and another to try and remove that area. She has a Vagus Nerve Stimulator implanted in her chest. This battery powered device sends constant electrical stimulation to the vagus nerve in Jordyn’s neck. The electrical charge can be increased by use of a special magnet when Jordyn is having a seizure in hopes of stopping it. Last year Jordyn’s family tried a special diet designed to reduce the seizures. After three months, it was decided the diet was not working for Jordyn.

Currently, Jordyn goes to Kingston School’s Special Education Collaborative Program. She is not able to do many things that normal 10 year old can do. She struggles with tying her shoes, is working hard at learning to read and has a noticeable stutter. However, no matter where she is she is the prettiest girl in the room, she rarely loses at her favorite video game; bowling on Wii. She loves basketball and rollerblading. 


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