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"A Thank you to those who have and those who will"

Welcome to the web site of The Jordyn Cook Epilepsy Fund. The JCEF was created in 2006 in order to finance our partnership with Mass General Hospital. MGH was in the process of finalizing their educational web site about childhood epilepsy and was looking for a way to raise the funds necessary to get the site live. Having been involved in fundraising and now deeply affected by epilepsy, it didn’t take long for us to sign on. Within the pages of this site you will find information about Jordyn, the charitable organization, links to important educational sites and a place to donate to The Fund. We thank you for visiting and hope you take the time to view the MGH Growing Up With Epilepsy web site and consider making a donation to help us complete our pledge to raise $350,000.

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 Boston Walk for Epilepsy

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